24-10-2011 A Review of Owenas Farm for 2011



Spring - thirty six ewes lambed at Hamsey.

Early Summer - we took the ewes and lambs back to Oxpasture, Albourne, and brought the shearling hoggs to Hamsey

Summer - I learnt to shear the sheep! And so did Robert! We sheared all the sheep, and the two rams!

Autumn - the lambs were weaned. Eighteen shearling ewes have been brought up to Hamsey and October 11th the ‘tups’ will be put in with them.

Pig news

I have stopped breeding pigs for now so as to concentrate on getting the care farm set up. I have been buying in rare breed pigs to fatten up, they have been Oxford Sandy x and they are delightful


Hen news

Last year eighteen chicks hatched, twelve of whom are part Aracuana who are laying lovely blue/green eggs.

This summer four chicks hatched and they look lovely

Brahma chicks October 2011

Pony news

Cassie and Tallulah continue to be friendly and amenable! This summer they have been in the Stable field producing lots of lovely muck for the new garden! Unfortunately, Cassie has been diagnosed with a glucose intolerance, she has to be given fifteen pills daily!





Care farm news

Now that the therapy room is comfortable and the compost toilet is working, I am ready for clients.

With a couple of volunteers, we have made a start on some vegetable plots and fruit garden and registering with Social Services

The next stage will be applying for funding for one day a week


There are two regular volunteers, Joe and Robert who give their time and support with everything from catching sheep to laying patio areas.

Hedge Laying

This will happen this winter!