Lewes Food Market

Next dates: 22nd August and 5th September
I shall have Shetland Hogget, and eggs! New Shetland Hogget burgers with mint.

31 July 2014 A Review of Owenas Farm

The warm dry weather has made things easier at the farm. The four swallows who came in April appear to have reared another 6 swallows!

Sheep - The sheep keep cool under the trees and lying on the bare earth.

Robert and I have sheared all of the ewes, rams and last years lambs, about 80 in total. Last years lambs are now shearling ewes (girls) and shearling wethers (the boys) There is about 80 kilograms of wool! Most of this will have to go to the British Wool Market at Ashford. Some of it will be processed locally, there will be DK and Arran knitting yarn; Slivers good for peg looms and Roving suitable for spinning for sale

Pigs - Carla and Holly, the two Oxford and Sandy and Black sows have produced 20 piglets between them! They are very entertaining while they are still small! They are all keeping cool in the wallow pool. See them on Robert’s photos on facebook.

Hens - Three hens at the Stablefield went broody this month and have hatched 8 chicks between them, they are starting to grow their feathers and copy their mums by taking dust baths to keep the bugs away.

The community hens at the Pig field are settling into their new surroundings, although I don’t think they have really sorted out their pecking order, they continue to peck us! But they are laying lots of eggs and they are very friendly.

Ponies - Cassie and Tallulah are looking very youthful for their 20 years of age with their summer coats. They like to keep cool by standing in the shade of the stables