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Southdown Lamb

best end rack

Lamb - Best End Rack

This can be roasted or braised or it can be cut into cutlets or cut further to become noisettes.
best end rack

Lamb - Leg

The most popular roasting joint, weighs between 1.5 - 2 kg (3-4lb). This is cut from the hind legs of a one-year-old sheep. Roasting is the most common way of cooking it, but a boned leg of lamb can also be grilled.
best end rack

Lamb - Loin Chops

These are suitable for grilling, frying or braising. They can be left as a Loin Joint, which can then be roasted.
best end rack

Lamb - Best End Cutlets

Suitable for grilling and frying.
best end rack

Lamb - Butterfly Chops

The most expensive chops, they are suitable for grilling or frying. Or they can be left as a small joint suitable for roasting.

Lamb - Mince


Lamb - Fillet

boned-out leg

Lamb - Boned-out leg

shetland hogget 1-2 yr old

Hogget - Shetland Hogget 1-2 yr old


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Pork - Sausages

They are really really meaty!
dry cured back bacon

Pork - Dry Cured Back Bacon - green

Unsmoked, back bacon cured in salt is paler and milder than the smoked variety.
dry cured streaky bacon

Pork - Dry Cured Streaky Bacon

belly joint

Pork - Belly joint


Pork - Chops

rolled shoulder or spare rib

Pork - Rolled shoulder or Spare Rib

A wonderful joint for roasting. Very tasty and lots of crackling!
loin joint

Pork - Loin Joint (rolled)

Very good cut for a a delicious roast!

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shetland jacob DK cones

Wool - Shetland and Jacob DK wool

shetland 4 ply balls

Wool - Shetland wool 4 ply.

jacob cotton jumper

Knitwear - Jumper

Jacob wool knitted with cream cotton.
shetland 4 ply jumper

Knitwear - Jumper

knitted in 4 ply shetland wool.
knitwear jacob small rug

Knitwear - Small Rug

knitted in Jacob wool on giant needles.
felt jacob small rug

Felt - Small Rug

Felted in Jacob wool.

Sheep skin

From a pure shetland sheep.

Sheep skin

From a jacob/shetland cross sheep.

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