I am using my skills and experience as a teacher and an art psychotherapist, to offer therapeutic farm placements and/or art therapy.

Care Farm

The Care Farm is open to people of all ages, and is based on an established form of outdoor therapy from Scandinavian countries. The Care Farm at Hamsey offers people, who are looking for a rural place in which to learn and regain a sense of well being, while helping on the farm and being outdoors. It is based on a small farm with livestock, where you can come and be part of a group for a day …… these are some of the things which you can get involved in and learn about:-

  • the care of livestock, pigs, sheep, ponies and chickens
  • the cultivation of fruit and vegetables
  • managing the grassland, hedges, fences and buildings
  • the local wild life
  • rural crafts

You will find a quiet space, away from the everyday ups and downs of life and where you will be accepted for yourself, and encouraged and supported to take part in practical activities.

Health benefits can be an increase in self esteem from doing and learning a new skill. You may well experience a decrease in depression and stress from working and being with other people outdoors. You will probably find that you will be tired in a physical way, which can help you to sleep better and consequently increase your level of energy.

The therapeutic farm placements will be open in all seasons and weathers! Each season has something different to offer

You will not be forced to do anything that you do not wish to do, but on the other hand, I shall encourage you to try new things.

The smallness of the farm will allow you to gradually become involved in all aspects of farm life. Over time, you will develop skills to provide you with the confidence to be fully involved with working on the farm.

Art Therapy

I offer art therapy to people of all ages. This is a practical therapy, where the artwork that you do, enables a three way ‘conversation’ – client to art work to therapist. This can be particularly helpful to those who might find talking difficult. For more information about art therapy please go to British Association of Art Therapists