In the past when wool was the main product of sheep, then it went out of favour, but now it is seeing a steady increase in popularity. The Shetland was bred to develop an exceptionally fine, soft wool. This has and is still used to make the famous ‘Fair isle’ knitwear and tweeds.

Shetland sheep come in wide variety of colours and their wool can be fantastic and soft, There are 11 main shades of colour:- white, fawn, mioget, musket, moorit, dark brown, black, shaela, emsket, grey and light grey.

I have many colours in my flock, black, moorit, brown, white and grey. I have the wool spun into DK and roving for knitting and slivers suitable for peg looms or very chunky knitting.

I have some wool which is dyed with natural dyes many of which are made from plants around Hamsey.